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Looking for Tires in Lancaster?

Trying to find a quality tire shop near you in the Lancaster area? Whether you need tires for your car, light truck, sport utility vehicle, or commercial truck or van, Dutch Valley Auto Works offers a great selection of quality tires. We carry all the major tire manufacturers, including General, Firestone, Kumho, Cooper, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, and many more.

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Helping You Find the Right Tires in Lancaster, PA

Tires are an often overlooked but significant part of your vehicle. Your tires provide essential functionality to your vehicle. These important tasks include:

  • Supporting the weight of your vehicle and its load

  • Transferring traction and braking forces to the road surface

  • Ensuring a smooth ride by absorbing any road shocks

  • Changing and maintaining the direction of travel

While tires all look like a big, black rubber band from the outside, not all tires are equally made. In fact, many car manufacturers design their vehicles to function best with a specific set of tires.

At Dutch Valley Auto, we'll help you choose the best tires for your unique needs. We'll ensure your vehicle's tires are the ideal match for your driving habits, your vehicle make/model, and your budget. The tire types we offer include:

Performance - High-performance tires, offering dynamic handling, confidence, and control in all seasons

Passenger - From entry-level all-season tires to premium tread with quiet ride performance

Light Truck - Choose from all-purpose truck tires to tires built to handle varied terrain

Sport Utility - All-terrain tires, sports tires, and luxury touring designs available

Winter - Superior winter performance, maximum traction for harsh winter conditions

Commercial - Tires for commercial delivery vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and more

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Tire Mounting and Balancing

There's a reason your vehicle's manual typically lists tire balancing as a recommended service. Properly balanced tires are essential for assuring excellent performance from your car and durability from your tires. Professionally mounted and balanced tires from our team at Dutch Valley Auto will help provide a smooth ride while ensuring even tire wear.

So, How Do You Know When to Get Tire Balancing Done?

It's best to get your tires balanced if you begin feeling vibrations from the steering wheel, the floorboard, or the car seat. It also helps to have them balanced anytime you have them rotated, which generally happens every 5,000 miles. There may be other reasons to get your tires balanced beyond noticeable vibrations—those include the following:

  • One a year if you drive on rough roads, otherwise every two years
  • If you've recently repaired a flat
  • If you've purchased any new tires
  • If a balance weight falls off the rim
  • You start seeing uneven tire wear
Tire Mounting and Balancing

How are Tires Rebalanced? Here's Our Process:

Our tire shop uses the latest in state-of-the-art technology at our Lancaster, PA facility. We follow these three steps every time:

  • Mounting - Your tire gets mounted on a wheel and attached to our tire balancing machine: A Hunter Tire Mounter (TC3700). Which can balance up to 50" Tires and 10"-28" rims.
  • Spinning - We take vibration measurements while spinning your tire on our Hunter Tire Balancer (GSP9700) with Road Force technology. This machine allows us to put actual load condition on the tire while balancing 10"-30" rims. This process not only lets our certified technicians know if weight is spread evenly on the wheel, but if necessary, how much additional weight to add and where. Our is Hunter Alignment Machine (WAH30) with steering wheel position sensor adjustment is used to correct the angles of your tires so that they make contact with the road correctly and in the same direction.
  • Rebalance - If our techs find an imbalance, they may rebalance and adjust the weights.

Do you have additional questions about tire mounting and rebalancing? Get in touch with us—we'd love to talk to you and help you find the answer you need.

Tire Repairs & Maintenance

Our tire shop provides tire rotation and maintenance to help get you maximum performance and long life. If you're looking for tires in Lancaster or just looking for fast repairs, stop by our tire shop.

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Looking for More Than Tires?

If you're looking for additional auto services—we provide those too! For collision damage issues, please schedule an appointment with our body shop. For an oil change, PA state inspection, or other routine auto services, please schedule an appointment with our mechanics. And to get a great deal on your next car service, please take a peek at our specials page.

Tire Repairs & Maintenance
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